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Day 30: Anticipation is the best sauce. Just kidding. Ketchup is.

Firstly, I must apologize to my tiny (really tiny) following that I did not update with day 30 when I should have. I don’t know why I didn’t. Denial? Fear? Breaking Bad marathons on Netflix? Girl Scout Cookie season? Let’s not investigate too much.

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Whole30 Day 3: Jalapeno chicken burgers and guacamole

It’s rainy. It’s gloomy. And we didn’t wanna get outta bed.

I was hoping that whole energy boost would come along to make my workouts less wimpy – winter takes a lot out of me apparently – but that hasn’t happened yet. Yoga was a flop this morning. In fact, walking up two flight of stairs to my office was also a flop. I had to stand at the door and regain composure before facing my coworkers.

And while I am not yet feeling the increase in energy, my sense of smell is suddenly very strong. For instance, someone reheating their spaghetti in the office microwave was an olfactory symphony. Even the smell of peanut butter was tantalizing! Am I such a heifer that 3 days in, my mouth is already watering for off-limits food? Yikes!

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Whole30 Day Two: Already breaking bad

Okay, so this is technically not allowed on the Whole30 program, so scroll on down if you’re hoping to keep an unsullied opinion of me:

We weighed ourselves this morning, just for kicks and giggles. I know we’re not s’posed to… but I was feeling rebellious.

I’m down 2 lbs; Boyfriend is down 3.

Weight loss isn’t our primary motivation in doing this thing – but if I am being honest here, it is a major factor. We tried to sober ourselves with reminders that it could be water weight (I ate so much cantaloupe yesterday that I seriously doubt it) and that weight fluctuates and blah blah blah. But I think we’re both a little pleasantly surprised.

In general, I woke up feeling good. Not life-changing good, but not “blerrgh I drank too much and ate too much junk” bad either.

This Whole 30 Timeline was a good head’s up for me before I began this thing. It let me know what I should expect. I am feeling really optimistic right now, but I am waiting for the ‘hangover’ and ‘food boredom’ to set in. Until it does, though… I’m down 2 lbs in a day. And I ate a whole, whole lot of food.


Whole30 Breakfast

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