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Day 30: Anticipation is the best sauce. Just kidding. Ketchup is.

Firstly, I must apologize to my tiny (really tiny) following that I did not update with day 30 when I should have. I don’t know why I didn’t. Denial? Fear? Breaking Bad marathons on Netflix? Girl Scout Cookie season? Let’s not investigate too much.

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Days 28 & 29: Spaghetti Squash and Banana ‘ice cream’

Breakfast (Saturday):


Bacon, sausage, and eggs. MEAT.

It was a hardy breakfast, and I needed it for the long day I had.

Lunch was an apple and an unimpressive salad with leftover chicken, hurriedly scarfed down between riding and lessons:Image

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Day 27

Author’s Note: Forgive the formatting! Will update ASAP.

I’m energized by the fact that I have just a few days left. I’m also so, so over it, and the drive to just give this inconvenience up is increasingly difficult!

Some people have subtly and not-so-subtly cast judgement, and others have cheered me on throughout the process. I’m sincerely grateful for the cheerleaders, because they made me feel proud, empowered and determined even on days when I just wanted to feel sorry for myself. [Self, make a mental note. Don’t be the judger in people’s lives, be the cheerleader.]

Day 26: Grilled Chicken Tomato “Sandwiches” & … dessert….

That’s right. We made dessert.

Dessert is kind of a gray area among the Whole 30 conversations I’ve found online. Yet, for all of our intents and purposes, this was compliant, so my conscience is pretty clean (besides, it beats diving into the girl scout cookies I’ve already started stocking up on).

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Days 23, 24, and 25: On the home stretch

I feel like this is my hail mary week.

Monday (day 23), my department head brought in a box full of munchkins from Dunkin Donuts.

Dunkin. Mother$#%^&*@. Donuts. MUNCHKINS.

Someone else had purchased some girl scout cookies and some coconut and chocolate covered almonds and left them in the breakroom for us, too.

Today (day 25), my boss happily plopped down a box of warm, fresh cookies right in front of my face. I looked at him and sighed a series of cuss words. He laughed maniacally.

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Day 19, 20, 21, and 22

Ooh boy!

I have fallen very behind in blogging, but I do have a great excuse:


I had an amazing time at Poplar Place Farms over the weekend, where I placed 2nd in tadpole CT and hit the cross country course for my first ever time. It. was. amazing. Here’s what I ate before and during to keep my energy up.

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Humming along: Days 17 & 18

Days 17 and 18 were mostly uneventful.

It’s hard to believe that we have made it this far without candy and alcohol alone, but the basic everyday stuff? It has been difficult, but it has been perfectly possible. I am feeling good. That might be because I had actual caffeine today (the first in days).

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