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MEET Radiant Cosmetics & COLORS: Two Businesses Working to End Human Trafficking

Originally Published 8/29/2011 at Meet Justice.

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Nicole of Radiant Cosmetics

Steen & Jessica of COLORS

We’ve heard it before: You can stand up and make a difference in the fight to end forced labor and prostitution, no matter who you are. Heck, we’ve said it! And we believe it.



Businesses can do it, too. Here, three entrepreneurs share the stories of how they use their businesses to raise awareness and funds for domestic and international victims of sex trafficking. Nicole Marett of Radiant Cosmetics and Steen Jones and Jessica Stewart of COLORS discuss how they got involved, how their businesses partner with nonprofit organizations, the unique challenges they’ve faced, and what drives them to overcome them.

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MEET Dr. Alex Trouteaud, Lead Researcher of the Georgia Demand Study

Originally published on on July 27, 2011.

Dr. Alex Trouteaud, Lead Researcher of the Georgia Demand Study

Over the past decade, dedicated organizations and individuals have been raising awareness around the city of Atlanta to reveal that innocent people are being victimized over and over again, on our streets and on our computer screens. In 2009, Men Who Buy Sex: A Scientific Research Study, also known as The Georgia Demand Study, raised a new kind of awareness by exposing and analyzing the men who are purchasing and exploiting adolescent females.

MEET NightLight Atlanta: An Interview with Courtney Dow, Director

Originally published on on July 6, 2011.

Greed fuels it, desperation perpetuates it, and shame covers it in secrecy. However, many individuals and organizations have stepped in to stop the cycle of sexual exploitation in Georgia. They’re composed of ordinary people who are invested in seeing extraordinary change- they desire restoration.

Meet NightLight Atlanta.

NightLight Atlanta is a faith-based organization that has its roots in a ministry that began in Bangkok, Thailand. This week, I had a conversation with Courtney Dow, Director of NightLight Atlanta, about how they’re working to restore victims of sexual exploitation, what it’s like for volunteers, and how you can be a part of the work they do.

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