Day 30: Anticipation is the best sauce. Just kidding. Ketchup is.

Firstly, I must apologize to my tiny (really tiny) following that I did not update with day 30 when I should have. I don’t know why I didn’t. Denial? Fear? Breaking Bad marathons on Netflix? Girl Scout Cookie season? Let’s not investigate too much.

As long as the process was, it still seems like barely any time has passed since the first few days where I was stumbling around with a blinding headache and frantically planning meals days in advance. Avoiding processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and items that were once the staple of my everyday meals  has become far less alien to me, and far less intimidating. Here’s what else that happened:

  • I lost 9 lbs (The boyfriend lost 20. I hate that guy sometimes.)
  •  I noticed significantly less ‘poofiness,’ particularly in my abdomen.
  • I was tired. All the time. Like always. I was slightly less tired on Day 30 than I was on Day 15, but I relied heavily on caffeine, naps, and B12.
  • I learned to cook a whole lot of food.
  • I was forced to blog on a semi-regular basis.
  • I found out that I do have willpower and felt like a serious BAMF after I used it every. single. day.
  • My perspective got a much needed alignment regarding food and its power/influence over me.
  • I pinpointed a few of the emotional triggers (buzz word, but it’s legit) that make me want to binge.

I did not achieve nirvana, I don’t look like Cindy Crawford (who, by the way, has said that even she doesn’t look like Cindy Crawford), and I don’t have boundless energy. But I made it. And yes, it changed my life. ​I won’t commit to paleo, but I will likely be avoiding processed foods ( guess what? I can totally do that now! ) and limiting my intake of gluten. I’ll probably continue tinkering with Whole 9s, even, but I can’t say for sure that I’ll be doing another Whole 30 anytime soon. It was fun while it lasted, but I want some damn chocolate.

Breakfast Day 30:

What else? Our new favorite, a smoothie. Mid morning snack was a banana.

Lunch Day 30:

Leftovers from yesterday’s spaghetti-squash spaghetti.

Dinner Day 30:

Dinner was an event. We decided to meet a friend who is beginning her own clean eating journey and what better place than West Midtown’s paleo darling, Urban Plate?

Except we got there and realized it was closed on Mondays.

We went to another restaurant/bar, JCT, somehow got a seat, and then once our friend showed up realized that there was nothing we could eat here. We left a few dollars on the table and gingerly tiptoed out the side door. Finally, we ended up at Yeah! Burger.

Oh yes.

Fortunately, this was a different location than the birthday debaucle (in case  you missed that post, don’t go to VAHigh’s Yeah! Burger. They’re jerks.)

The folks at this location happened to be quite lovely. I got a salad and realized halfway in that there were bleu cheese crumbles hidden in there. At first, I picked them out. Then, well….I didn’t.


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