Days 28 & 29: Spaghetti Squash and Banana ‘ice cream’

Breakfast (Saturday):


Bacon, sausage, and eggs. MEAT.

It was a hardy breakfast, and I needed it for the long day I had.

Lunch was an apple and an unimpressive salad with leftover chicken, hurriedly scarfed down between riding and lessons:Image

Once I got home, I was pretty hungry, so I snacked on trail mix, a banana, and another apple – this time green. I utterly spoiled my appetite for dinner, but was in the mood to whip something tasty up, so I did.

ImageBanana, coconut, and almond butter “ice cream”, with cinnamon and raisins as toppings. This was something I made off the top of my head, so feel free to use your own creative liberty if you choose to replicate!


– 2 semi-ripe bananas. (Mine weren’t overly ripe, but the riper they are, the sweeter the snack will be)

– 2 spoonfuls of almond butter

– 2 spoonfuls of dried unsweetened coconut flakes

– Cinnamon

Chop and freeze the bananas for two hours. Once frozen, remove and combine in a food processor with almond butter, cinnamon to taste, and coconut flakes. Blend until smooth.

Boom! Super quick, honest treat.

Breakfast (Sunday):

I ate a smoothie on the way to the barn, and once again forgot to take a photo. (Mornings aren’t my favorite. I still miss my coffee.)

Between lessons, I snacked on some nuts to keep me going.

Lunch was our second attempt at Spaghetti Squash,and this time it was successful! It was a delicious meal that we’ll probably replicate in the future, Whole 30 or no.



2 large spaghetti squash

1 can tomato sauce – compliant, of course

1 can tomato paste – also compliant

1 lb ground beef

Seasonings: Oregano, Basil, garlic powder, thyme, salt, and pepper

1. Cut the spaghetti squash in half and wrap in seran wrap. Poke a few holes in the wrap, and microwave squash for 8-9 minutes.

2. Remove seeds in squash, and using a fork, pull the innards from the squash. They should come out stringy.

4. Brown the ground beef, drain. Pour tomato sauce and tomato paste directly over ground beef and season to taste.

5. Eat your heart out. (Actually, your heart is probably totally fine with this meal, but maybe replace the beef with ground turkey instead if you want to play it safe)


We had a date-ish kind of afternoon that ended at Urban Pl8. We were so delighted with our V-day dinner that we decided to try their Sunday afternoon Paleo Buffet. Two words: Hell. Yes.


Steamed, marinated greens, salad, chili, chicken, squash and peppers…it was magnifique. Definitely worth incorporating into your routine if you are a paleo person in Atlanta.

The afternoon’s activities called for a dressier outfit, and I have a dress that’s always been a little on the tight side…so I figured I’d give it a shot now that Whole 30 has had time to have its effect. I was not entirely surprised when it felt much roomier when I put it on tonight, but I was still stoked.



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