Day 27

Author’s Note: Forgive the formatting! Will update ASAP.

I’m energized by the fact that I have just a few days left. I’m also so, so over it, and the drive to just give this inconvenience up is increasingly difficult!

Some people have subtly and not-so-subtly cast judgement, and others have cheered me on throughout the process. I’m sincerely grateful for the cheerleaders, because they made me feel proud, empowered and determined even on days when I just wanted to feel sorry for myself. [Self, make a mental note. Don’t be the judger in people’s lives, be the cheerleader.]
Another smoothie! This might seem repetitive and boring, but it’s really a welcome change from eggs and meat. I’m not keen on eating a heckuvalotta meat in the first place, so I’ve made an effort not to rely too heavily on it throughout this thing.
Ingredients: The usual: strawberries, pineapples, kale, a few almonds, blueberries, blackberries.
I found out you can order “Unwiches” at Jimmy John’s. They’re essentially boring old lettuce wraps. My company paid – so I went for it. Unfortunately, this didn’t keep me full, so I ate some leftover chili and some organic, compliant applesauce to fill me up.

It got ugly for dinner.

I went to my best friend’s house, where she proceeded to cook the most delicious buffalo bite cups in existence. I didn’t eat one – but I may have made my friends uncomfortable with the level of intensity that I watched them eat with. She also steamed edamame (not compliant: soy), warmed Hawaiian r0lls with butter (definitely not compliant) and I brought strawberry shortcake fixings ( :(. Not compliant.) This particular group of friends and I are all foodies – we are to good food what frat houses are to Natty Light. (Do they even drink natty light? I avoided and continued to avoid frat houses like the plague. Look, we love to eat, ok?)

I devoured an inordinate amount of strawberries, mangos, cucumbers, and carrots. And I also toed the line…okay, I kicked sand all over it. We decided that if I cut the breading off of the highly processed buffalo bites, that’d be good enough (hint: no it’s not). I think that this is probably the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back on whether or not I could skate through this thing completely compliant. Unless you crawl under a rock and just hang out there (except for a gazillion trips to the farmer’s market), it’s very, very difficult. Everything is processed unless you grow it, kill it, cook it and eat it yourself.

Here’s the feast in it’s entirety:


And here’s how I felt:



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