Day 19, 20, 21, and 22

Ooh boy!

I have fallen very behind in blogging, but I do have a great excuse:


I had an amazing time at Poplar Place Farms over the weekend, where I placed 2nd in tadpole CT and hit the cross country course for my first ever time. It. was. amazing. Here’s what I ate before and during to keep my energy up.


I have to be honest. I don’t remember much about this day, except that I was compliant. It was horseshow prep day, so after work I made a pitstop at the tack shop, then at the barn.

Wednesday night I whipped up some delicious mashed sweet potatoes, and I was pretty delighted with the result. I was all razzed up about eating them for lunch and dinner, but my boss surprised us with free lunch, so I ate from the salad bar at Jason’s Deli, instead. I made a mistake… halfway through my salad I realized I had eaten a few peanuts. Derp.

I’m certainly not going to fall into the trap of beating myself up over peanuts, but I was a little disappointed that I’d slipped up.

After work I gnoshed on raisins, pistachios, dried bananas, and almonds as well as a small serving of mashed sweet potatoes.


I was very much all about my mashed sweet potatoes at this point. I needed to carb-load, and these were pretty much the when it came to flavor and texture…and SO easy to make.

I boiled a few large sweet potatoes for about 15 minutes on med-high heat, then pulled them out and peeled them. I wouldn’t worry much about peeling them before boiling – they practically peeled themselves after they’d been boiled. I mashed them up in a large bowl and stirred in a couple tablespoons of coconut oil while they were still hot. Then I added the magic: cinnamon.

I love cinnamon.


Friday (Day 20)



BLT sans the bread and mayo. Yum.


I ate another helping of sweet potatoes and some salad.


Homemade “trailmix” of dried unsweetened bananas, raisins, almonds, and pistachios

Dinner: Dinner was late, once we got back in from cross country schooling. At first, we thought we were screwed because we’d planned to make ‘spaghetti’ out of spaghetti squash, but had purchased plain squash.


dinnerWe cooked a pound of ground beef, then added a can of compliant tomato paste and a can of compliant stewed tomatoes. I cut up the squash and sauteed with olive oil, salt, and pepper. It was easy, quick, delicious, and carb-tastic.

Saturday (Day 21)

I was scrambling to get to the showgrounds early, so I snagged a bowl of spaghetti squash leftovers and a banana.

Throughout the day, as I got hungry, I snacked on homemade trail mix and a banana.

After the events were over, we went out to lunch, where I made another stupid mistake:


Yeah, those sweet potato fries were not compliant at all. I ate a few of them, then pushed them aside.

We were so exhausted by the time we rolled back into Atlanta that night that we sprung for Panera’s power Mediterranean chicken salads. Yes, again.

Sunday (Day 22)


unnamed (7)

We split a compliant Naked smoothie and had a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs (with tomatoes and kale)


Ugh. Once again we struggled here. We went to a baby shower for Josh’s friend, where the most delicious looking barbecue, beer, and cupcakes were wafted in front of our faces the entire. time. It was rough. Josh played a beer tasting game by sight alone.

We settled with probably non-compliant beef and broccoli salad. I felt awful after I ate it, which confirmed my fears.


We honestly didn’t feel great after our baby shower debacle, so we grazed.


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