Humming along: Days 17 & 18

Days 17 and 18 were mostly uneventful.

It’s hard to believe that we have made it this far without candy and alcohol alone, but the basic everyday stuff? It has been difficult, but it has been perfectly possible. I am feeling good. That might be because I had actual caffeine today (the first in days).

I also have a confession to make.


I’m not quite sure I am totally kosher right now: I buckled and bought B12 vitamins. I just couldn’t handle any more flat out exhaustion, especially because I have my first ever event coming up this weekend and I cannot afford to be dragging as much ass as I have been the last two weeks. It’s not that I don’t trust the program to eventually keep its promises and give me my energy back….but I don’t quite trust the program to eventually keep its promises and give me my energy back. Not when my personal safety is on the line, anyway.


Confession time over.


However, I’m feeling pretty normal now, and so is Josh, as long as we don’t get too hungry, in which case I fantasize about throttling inconsiderate restaurant managers and almost erupt into tears when my plans fall through.


Breakfast Day 17:


Breakfast was another smoothie because we are sick of eggs and don’t want to lose absolute control of our cholesterol levels.


Yes, I forgot to take a photo again.


Ingredients: Ice, water, almonds, half an orange, blueberries, strawberries, spinach, and kale.




Salad with turkey, again. It is repetitive, yes – but it’s whole 30 and it is not more meat!




Dinner: Dinner was an on-the-go affair, so I ate a granny smith apple and a few handfuls of dried banana. Once I got home, I ate a few pieces of turkey, some cherry tomatoes, and pistachio nuts.


So, no fancy recipes or photos thus far – just survival at this point.


Day 18




Blueberry turkey patties, as seen on Cosmopolitan Primal Girl.


We were in a massive hurry, as usual, so ours came out a little…well…erm…fugly.


 whole 30 breakfast


The protein was there, though. I stayed full through two hours of rock climbing and some change. Taste-wise, they were decent. The blueberries and the turkey compliment each other, surprisingly enough. Don’t skimp on blueberries!




Dammit, group outings!




We went to hibachi as a work group. The waiters at this place are notoriously brusque and impatient, so I literally had to chase someone down so I could put in my order since I only had a few moments to consider the options that would inflict the least amount of destruction. Unfortunately, I think I failed regardless. God knows what was in the oils/sauces used to flavor this.


Still, I declined brown rice (my favorite!) and the mysterious sauces (also my favorite!) that traditionally accompany this meal, and I didn’t get sushi (definitely my favorite-favorite).


I splurged on some unsweet tea and had to get two coworkers to doublecheck that it actually was unsweet. I guess I’ve been so long without sugar that unsweet tea is no longer a joke to me. (I was born and bred in the south, where unsweet tea is considered swill.)




Once again I ate dinner in my car. I ate a granny smith apple, and a bag of banana chips, pistachios, and almonds. The meal is small enough to keep me from feeling sluggish when I ride, but powerful enough to keep me energized and full so I can focus.



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