Days 15 & 16: Over the Hump!

To those of you enjoying your Jimmy John’s take-out, baked goods, diet cokes, chocolate, cheese dip, hefeweizens, IPAs, marinara sauce, creamy, fried, processed deliciousness: just know that I carry an eensy weensy teensy little bit of loathing in my heart for you. I dream every night that I’ve eaten something that breaks the rules, and I’m always stricken with guilt. When I wake up, relief washes over me like a gentle wave. Followed by a tsunami of dread.

Breakfast (Sunday):

Whole 30 Breakfast

We made massive three-egg omelettes full of spinach, tomatoes, sausage, red onions, and mushrooms, then used some of last night’s salsa to top them.

For lunch, I wasn’t hungry but I needed to get somewhere where I’d need the energy, so I ate the leftovers from breakfast and the leftovers from yesterday’s smoothie (I had frozen it). Not a particularly thrilling lunch, but it was economical.


Whole 30 takeout

It was a late night riding ponies for me and Josh was tired too, so I made the executive decision to get our new version of fast food: Panera salads.

The Power Mediterranean Chicken salad Mediterranean made an encore performance for our Whole 30. I must have rubbed the good people at Panera the right way, because they gifted me a whole bunch of pickles, as well.

Breakfast Day 16:

We went for another smoothie – the weather has been perfect for them. I forgot to take a photo again. Oopsies.


A delicious salad with kale, spinach, red onion, green peppers, tomatoes, turkey, and lemon juice and olive oil.

Whole 30 Lunch


Seared lamb and broccoli.


We unfortunately got some bad fatty meat, which hampered the meal. It had potential though!

Josh roasted the broccoli with salt, pepper, garlic, and pine nuts for about 16 minutes at 350 degrees. Then he squeezed lemon juice all over it. This is a recipe that we have used for a long time, sans the parmesan cheese we currently are jonesing for.

Josh rubbed salt, pepper, mint, mustard powder, and garlic on the lamb and then briefly seared it on the skillet.


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