Day 14: One for the failbooks

After Day 13, I was determined to have a better outlook and cook tastier food. I wanted to lay off all the meat and focus on fruits and vegetables, which, aside from the eggs, I think I managed to do!

I had the best of intentions.

Whole 30 Fail

Whole 30 Fail

That’s supposed to be a whole 30 friendly pancake.

I am scratching my head as to why this didn’t work out. I got up early, went to the grocery store armed with my optimism and a recipe I found online. I came home, mixed 2 eggs, 2 very very ripe mashed bananas, and a pinch of almond butter. I smeared a little coconut oil on a large skillet. I made pretty little impersonator-pancakes:

paleo fail

Whole 30

But no matter what I tried, this happened:


I don’t care. I ate it anyway. Judge me if you want.


The spring weather (and my rushed schedule) called for an old stand-by: the good old smoothie. I mixed a handful of spinach, a few strawberries, a banana, a few almonds, some blueberries, and an orange slice with some water and ice.

Yep – a lot of fruit so far. I’m fighting off a cold.

Once I got home, I realized I hadn’t planned any dinner. Crap. I peeked in the fridge, and feeling confident, pulled out some cauliflower and a couple portabella mushrooms. After wasting twenty minutes trying unsuccessfully to steam the cauliflower, I ended up boiling them for about 12 minutes. I whipped up some home-made salsa, impressing and surprising myself, and seasoned/baked a portabella mushroom.

The result:

whole 30 recipe

It’s just so. darn. beautiful.

Taste-wise? Not my best. Except for the salsa. The salsa gets an A +.

Here’s the recipe, but feel free to mix it up and use your own measurements. I made it up as I went along:

The salsa:


-Handful of fresh cilantro

– 1 medium sized tomato

– 1/4 of a red onion

– 1/8 of a green pepper

– 1/2 jalapeno pepper

– Hot Paprika or Chili powder

– Salt and Pepper, to taste

– Just a hint of lime juice

Mix all of these ingredients either separately or together in a food processor for optimum results.

There are probably far more intensive/authentic salsa recipes out there, but I was pretty pleased with my off-the-cuff first try.

The mashed cauliflower:

1 head cauliflower

4-6 garlic cloves

Salt and pepper

Ghee or butter

Take one head of cauliflower, break up the florets. For best results, you should probably steam them for 15-20 minutes. If you have a hate-hate relationship with your vegetable steamer, boil them.

Once steamed, puree the cauliflower, along with 4-6 garlic cloves. Blend thoroughly. You can blend ’til the cows come home, really.

Mix in butter, salt, and pepper to taste.


2 responses to “Day 14: One for the failbooks

  1. Maybe try some almond flour in the pancakes? It’s good for holding (some) stuff together and I don’t notice a taste at all. I used it to thicken up my mashed cauliflower tonight.

    • I’ve mostly avoided flours at all this whole month, except for the occasional celebratory almond flour, cocoa-sweetened gluten free cake, but I’ll definitely try that in the future! I love pancakes and want to make it work between us. Thanks!

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