Day 12 (thursday)


I won’t lie, this is starting to suck. It was easy/safe enough when we were eating in and cooking our own meals that we could trust. Now that life has picked back up, just ugh. I’m getting a lot of raised eyebrows, and a lot of thinly veiled criticisms and judgements.

The food boredom is crazy tough. More and more of what we try to eat is completely unappetizing. And it would be so. easy. just to stop.

I have to remember in these moments what I am doing and why I’m doing it. I am doing it to break behavioral patterns, chemical addictions, and mindlessness. I am doing it because there are things about my health that I would like to change. I am doing it because I have had a terrible relationship with food literally my whole life, including bouts with bulimia and depression. And there is no reason that this is impossible. It’s simple enough to eat food that sustains me, rather than comfort food. I don’t need approval from anyone else to do it.

Breakfast Day 12:

Egg McMuffin cups, round 2. See Day 11 for recipes and photos.

Lunch Day 12:

We went out to a cuban restaurant to celebrate/mourn a favored coworker’s last day. It was challenging to find an item on the menu that would fit the standard – and  I am not sure how the chicken was even seasoned. I doubt that it was perfectly chemical free.

I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with avocado salad. When it arrived, I swear I heard funeral music as I sadly pushed the bread away. It looked so delicious, and I know it would have been. It was agony.


Proof that I left the deliciousness untouched 😦 :


Tonight was Josh’s birthday, and we bent the rules….kinda hard.

We went to Cafe Lily, and Josh chose the meal. I don’t know how Whole 30 it could have possibly been, but it was as close as we could get, and what are you gonna do.


Calimari, without the fun stuff (i.e., breading and marinara)


Zuppa di Mare


Spanish-broiled lamb, asparagus, and white sweet potatoes

All of it was gluten-free and “paleo”, and that’s as close as you’re going to get when you go out to eat. And here’s the bender:


Coconut/Almond flour, dairy free, gluten free, “paleo” torte – because it’s his birthday, dammit.


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