Whole 30 Days 8, 9, and 10: And that’s more like it.

So I am back to the level of insanity that I am used to – the consistent blogging could not last, sadly. However, the Whole 30 is still intact!

It is definitely getting harder to resist the food boredom. I walk right up to food that I know will be harmful, and it would be so easy for me to grab just a pinch here or there, but just a pinch would be breaking a promise. So I don’t take one.

Energy seems to be back to normal, mostly, and there are definite, um, side effects that are very pleasant. Please feel free to let your imagine run wild. The food ‘hangovers’ and withdrawals are a thing of the past. But dammit, I am sick of eggs.

Day 8:

Sunday we had a breakfast of turkey sausage, eggs, AND strawberries. It was a feast!


So much so that lunch was pretty unimportant to me. I ate the salad pictured in Day 7’s late dinner with a few slices of turkey and lemon juice.



We enjoyed my meal from Urban Pl8 so much that Josh decided to recreate it. Harissa Chicken Tagine – he basically did all of this on the grill. He stuck apples, tomatoes, and chicken on a skewer and seasoned it with rosemary. That is fancy hibiscus tea that we probably should not have been drinking before trying to sleep. Ah well.

The sweet potatoes he simmered on the stovetop for about twenty minutes, covered, and seasoned with garlic and olive oil.

Day 9:

Monday’s breakfast was a couple slices of bacon accompanied by berry ‘salad’: blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries. I scarfed down an unsweetened tea on my rushed commute to work.


Maybe my stomach has gotten extra particular now that I’ve ripped chemicals and sugar and gluten from it’s clutching grasp, but something upset my stomach, and I suspect it was the bacon. You can’t find cured meat without some sort of chemical additive, and I think it took its toll. A dull, constant ache in my stomach sent me outside for fresh air instead of eating lunch, but I did manage to snack on some veggies dipped in guacamole that afternoon. Forgot a picture. D’oh.


It was a bit hectic. I rushed home, where Josh had prepared us each a bacon and tomato lettuce wrap (cue angels singing). We wanted another one but satisfied ourselves by snacking on plantains so that we could go out later that evening with friends and not want to eat everything on the menu.

We went to Genki Noodles and Sushi and once again, traded our normal alcohol for Perrier. Josh was grumpier about this than I was. We ate a few bites of cucumber/crab salad and followed up with sashimi…which was not Josh’s bag at all. I am so sick of eating meat that it’s not even mine anymore.

We both left the restaurant hungry and thirsty, and with lighter wallets to boot.

Day 10:

Day 10 feels like a milestone! 20 more days to go!

We ate eggs mixed with tomatoes, kale, and lunchmeat for breakfast.


For lunch, I had a working lunch meeting with my boss and two others. I’m sorry to announce that there was no freaking way I was going to bust out my camera and take a picture of my food at a business meeting. Lunch was terrifying to order – everything that I could have was pricy – and I had to abstain from the calamari appetizer, prompting questions I didn’t really want to answer. But it was worth it – filet mignon with seasonal tomatoes. So good.

Dinner was once again hectic.

I chowed down on my cold leftover steak that I held in one hand while I drove to the barn with the other, and followed it up with an appe. I wish I could say whipping up fancy new meals every day was the norm, but sadly, eating cold steak without utensils while I’m running late to somewhere I am supposed to be is pretty much my life.

Still, so far, this is doable.

Right now, the rest of the week’s breakfast is in the oven, making the house smell fantastic. There is a recipe on its way!


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