Whole30 Day 5: Avocado ranch dressing and slow cooker pork w/ onion gravy

The exhaustion got me again last night – I was asleep by 10. I woke up in the middle of the night with a headache so intense that there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to get back to sleep. I drank some water, blinked in agony for a while, and then put my foot down. F#*$ this. I’m taking some damn ibuprofen. 

Three naughty little pills and fifteen minutes later, and I was back to sleep. I did dream I ate a handful of chocolate chips, and woke up feeling guilty. I guess my unconscious was a little ashamed. I felt okay, but still ran out of steam by 6:00 pm, while I was attempting to slog through a 5K at the gym. I’m still not convinced I can blame it all on Whole30. Josh is feeling a little rough today, but hasn’t had the screaming headaches or exhaustion, and there are other, err, biological factors at play also. So there’s that. 


Another bowl of berries, bananas, and nuts! I forgot to take a photo, but see Day 4 for recipe/blurry unprofessional picture.


Whole30 Lunch

We tossed some reheated chicken burger meat (see Day Three for recipe and my guacamole love-fest) into a salad and drizzled homemade avocado ranch dressing over it.

Whole30 salad dressing

It made my tastebuds happy. It even managed to make Josh’s tastebuds happy! Jack is pretty sure it would have made his tastebuds happy, too…but he got a rawhide, instead.

I got the recipe off of TGIPaleo. I didn’t have fresh chives, so I dropped in fresh cilantro. I used Dill seasoning since I didn’t have any fresh dill on hand, too. The recipe calls for 10 minutes of prep time, but I doubt it even took  me that long.


Whole30 Dinner

Slow cooker pork shoulder with onion gravy

Dinner was not a knock-it-out-of-the-park affair, but this type of meal isn’t my bag anyway and I think we might’ve overcooked the pork. It was extremely easy (hurray for crockpots!) and it was pretty tasty- if a hearty dinner is what you’re after, this is definitely it.

Green beans were frozen – we seasoned them with pepper and then got a wild hair and added coconut oil. I do not recommend the coconut oil. It definitely tasted a little ‘off’.

Recipe for the slow cooker pork and onion gravy is over at LowCarbOneDay.


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