Whole30 Day 3: Jalapeno chicken burgers and guacamole

It’s rainy. It’s gloomy. And we didn’t wanna get outta bed.

I was hoping that whole energy boost would come along to make my workouts less wimpy – winter takes a lot out of me apparently – but that hasn’t happened yet. Yoga was a flop this morning. In fact, walking up two flight of stairs to my office was also a flop. I had to stand at the door and regain composure before facing my coworkers.

And while I am not yet feeling the increase in energy, my sense of smell is suddenly very strong. For instance, someone reheating their spaghetti in the office microwave was an olfactory symphony. Even the smell of peanut butter was tantalizing! Am I such a heifer that 3 days in, my mouth is already watering for off-limits food? Yikes!

Still, I feel pretty good mostly, except for being completely exhausted. I think this winter weather might be the main culprit for that, not the Whole30 program.

It was our last morning eating our breakfast casserole – it was delicious while it lasted, but it’s time to move on.

Lunch was seared tuna leftovers over salad…which admittedly was probably not my safest food choice ever. I feel fine, but maybe don’t try that at home, kids.


My ride was cancelled due to crappy weather (hrumph), but the upside is that I got to cook this! Jalapeno Chicken (bunless) burgers!

Jalapeno burgers

Jackie is pretty stoked about our increased amount of time spent in the kitchen, and of course both dogs ended up getting a few bites of our meal afterward. We made enough for leftovers tomorrow, and froze some for next week.

But that wasn’t the exciting part. To me, the meat was just a vehicle to get this….


…into my mouth.

I love guacamole. I would marry it if I could. (Author’s note: Too much? Nah.) I have not perfected my guac cooking technique yet, but I’m exceptionally talented at eating the hell out of it. However, about midway through dinner I started to feel a little guilty about the fats I have been eating so far this week. Steak, tuna, guacamole.

But at the same time, I’m pretty over feeling guilty for every meal I eat. Ain’t. nobody. got. time.

Whole30 chicken and guacamole

I dipped carrots and sugar snap peas into the guacamole. Did it equal the splendor of the salsa-guac-queso trifecta? No. Not even close. Not gonna lie, I was a little sad. But then there was guacamole, and I was happy again.


I found both of them on Onceamonthmeals, and theirs came out a lot prettier than mine.

The only other difference aside from aesthetics is that we pretty much fried the burgers up on a cast iron skillet instead of grilling them (it’s cold, y’all). Okay, so I am using the phrase “pretty much” to mitigate guilt. We totally fried those suckers.


3 responses to “Whole30 Day 3: Jalapeno chicken burgers and guacamole

  1. Thanks so much for sharing our site and recipe!

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