Whole30 Day Two: Already breaking bad

Okay, so this is technically not allowed on the Whole30 program, so scroll on down if you’re hoping to keep an unsullied opinion of me:

We weighed ourselves this morning, just for kicks and giggles. I know we’re not s’posed to… but I was feeling rebellious.

I’m down 2 lbs; Boyfriend is down 3.

Weight loss isn’t our primary motivation in doing this thing – but if I am being honest here, it is a major factor. We tried to sober ourselves with reminders that it could be water weight (I ate so much cantaloupe yesterday that I seriously doubt it) and that weight fluctuates and blah blah blah. But I think we’re both a little pleasantly surprised.

In general, I woke up feeling good. Not life-changing good, but not “blerrgh I drank too much and ate too much junk” bad either.

This Whole 30 Timeline was a good head’s up for me before I began this thing. It let me know what I should expect. I am feeling really optimistic right now, but I am waiting for the ‘hangover’ and ‘food boredom’ to set in. Until it does, though… I’m down 2 lbs in a day. And I ate a whole, whole lot of food.


Whole30 Breakfast

Leftover breakfast casserole (see day 1 for recipe) and half an orange. Plus unsweetened tea.


Whole 30 Lunch

(Leftover) Steak salad and fruit salad (prepped yesterday. But just because it looked so perty when I did:

Fruit Saald


About 6 oz. of plantain chips (oil and salt)

Whole30 Snack

Josh gave me so much crap for saving these little jars. Joke’s on him!


Whole30 Seared tuna

Seared Tuna and Asparagus

This is stupid quick and easy. That’s partially because the meat is nearly raw. Still…stupid quick. Stupid easy. I went back for a second helping of tuna, not because I was hungry, but because it makes me feel like a great white on Shark Week.

Step 1. Chop the root ends of a bunch of asparagus off.

Step 2. Put some olive oil in a large-ish saucepan and heat. Add asparagus. Salt and pepper to taste. Saute for 6-7 minutes, if you still like them crunchy. Saute a little longer if you like them softer, like Josh did.

Step 3. Generously salt and pepper both sides of a tuna steak.

Step 4. Saute tuna for one minute for each side. No longer. Okay, 2 minutes is good, but any longer and you risk losing flavor and moisture.

Step 5. Sprinkle lemon juice over asparagus. Eat.


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