National Call In Day for Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act

Originally posted on, August 31, 2011.

In 2000, the State Department Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons established the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) to respond to the crisis of global and dosmetic human trafficking. The act created visas and assistance for victims of trafficking, defined trafficking as a federal crime, set a global standard for all countries to address trafficking based on a three-tiered system, and authorized the annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report. (View the most recent TIP Report by clicking here.)

The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) was introduced in the Senate in June of 2011. Authorization will both extend the bill for another three years and

  • Authorizing the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Office to negotiate child protection compacts with designated focus countries to increase resources and political will to eradicate child trafficking (the essential provisions of the Child Protection Compact Act).
  • Providing resources to allow the TIP Office to respond quickly to requests for technical assistance from foreign countries.
  • Instructing the State Department regional bureaus to designate anti-trafficking specialists in our Embassies abroad to collect information on trafficking and communicate U.S. concerns to foreign government officials. (IJM)

On September 30, 2011, the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act is set to expire. Organizations and activists have rallied together to raise awareness and mobilize people to contact their senators. On September 8, join these activists for National Call In Day. Take a few minutes out of your day and call your senator to let them know that the TVPRA is important to you as their constituent, and encourage them to sign on as co-sponsors of the bill.

International Justice Mission provides an easy template for registering to call and also provides a way to search for senators by zip code. They even have a script right there on the website to use, so there’s no way to feel silly or uneducated. At Innocence Atlanta, we encourage you to excercise your voice as a constituent and take a stand for victims of human trafficking in the United States. Make the call. Make a change in someone’s life.

To check out the Event Page for National Call In Day, click here.

Click here to sign up with International Justice Mission.


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