Crib Safety Requirements- an Overview from Classroom Essentials Online

Press release originally published on on August 8th, 2011.

Co-edited by Tamara Meier.

By December 28, 2012, any businesses providing professional child care must replace all  cribs that do not comply with the new federal safety standards. In response to numerous injuries  and even deaths of infants and toddlers due to crib failures, all cribs available for sale, resale,  or lease after June 28, 2011 are required to meet new safety requirements issued by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC). According to a press release issued by the Office of Information and Public Affairs, the new standards: 16 CFR 1219 for full sized cribs and 16 CFR 1220 for non-full sized cribs, will improve the safety of cribs by “mak[ing] mattress  supports stronger; mak[ing] crib hardware more durable; and mak[ing] safety testing more rigorous”  as well as prohibiting the sale of non-compliant drop-side cribs.

Retailers of commercial daycare and nursery cribs for sale are required to have available, and  provide upon customer request, a certificate of compliance proving that the cribs they offer  for sale meet the new federal safety standard. This supporting crib manufacturer documentation  is important for both the retailer and the daycare crib customer, as it is not always possible  to tell by first glance whether or not a crib’s construction complies with the new CPSC requirements.  One rough guideline to go by is: if the crib was sold prior to June 28, 2011, there is a good  chance it does not meet the new safety requirements. The Juvenile Product Manufacturer’s Association  (JPMA) is a coalition of product manufacturers devoted to promoting safety. The JPMA website provides  a reference list of qualified manufacturers who are complying with the new crib safety requirements.

The  commercial daycare and nursery cribs available for sale from Classroom Essentials  Online are in full compliance with the most current 16 CFR 1219 and 16 CFR 1220 standards outlined by  the CPSC. Our selection of commercial-grade hardwood cribs compact steel cribs for professional daycare and nursery  use are manufactured by Foundations, a trusted U.S. manufacturer producing children’s furnishings. From traditional  hardwood cribs like the Serenity Fixed-side Compact Cribs to the  Pinnacle Compact Steel-frame Crib, Classroom Essentials Online’s daycare furniture  is safe, durable, and attractive. For added peace of mind, we also offer for sale Foundations’ Crib Evacuation Kit to provide enhanced mobility for your childcare center’s cribs in  the case of an emergency or other need for evacuation or quick crib relocation.

If your daycare facility is concerned about whether or not your current cribs meet the new standards of safety, there are steps you can take to review and ensure compliance. The CPSC offers a video you can view here that outlines methods to check the safety of your cribs. The CPSC recommends  that crib owners and childcare providers check their cribs frequently and thoroughly, even if they are  newer cribs compliant with child safety standards. If you have questions regarding your facility’s  specific crib models, we suggest speaking directly with the manufacturer of your cribs to determine  whether immobilizers may be available for your facility’s drop-side cribs.

The staff at Classroom Essentials Online welcomes the opportunity to answer your questions.  We care  very much about the safety of our products, and we’re here to help your professional child care  facility make sure that you’re in compliance with the new CPSC crib regulations, with the lowest  prices possible on CPSC-compliant cribs from JPMA-registered manufacturers like Foundations.  Please  call us at (866) 404-7671 toll-free, Mon-Fri from 8:30AM to 5:00PM EST, or e-mail usany time.


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